Trying to turn Soylus resignation into an opportunity, the AKP government cannot hide its failure

The government crisis in Turkey which had already worsened with the continuing corona pandemic, reached its peak with the panic created by the uncoordinated curfew imposed on April 10, 2020. Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu first announced that he had resigned over the criticism he faced, but later it was reported that his resignation was rejected by President Erdoğan, according to a written statement made by the Presidential Communications Office.

All these developments have once again exposed the political weakness that AKP government is suffering from.

Süleyman Soylu, who has done everything except his duty since the day he was appointed, has turned the Ministry of Interior into "Ministry of Countering Opposition". The way in which he both took and implemented the curfew decision showed his imprudence on a vital issue such as public health. This is not a simple mistake, or a display of shortsightedness, but a grave carelessness that has endangered the lives of millions and disregarded public health: It may eventually lead to the deaths of thousands of people. After initially trying to defend his stance, Soylu then had to step back in the face of the obvious nature of his mistake, and admit his culpability and incompetence. He then repeated his admission of guilt in his resignation letter. Ideally, Soylu should have been dismissed from his post, without waiting for a resignation. But as this was not done, his resignation was not accepted either. By rejecting Soylu's resignation and keeping him as the Interior Minister Erdoğan has undertaken the responsibility in the process and clearly shown that he himself is the source of the incompetence.

Insisting on ruling the country through repression, prohibition and arbitrarinesses, the AKP government causes ever greater crises each passing day, and as seen in the latest example, endangers the very existence of society. Instead of reassuring the people in the face of such a widespread and profound threat to the whole of society, the government creates fear and panic, thereby becoming the main reason for the people's despair and concern about their future. 

Soylu announced on Friday night that the lockdown decision was taken on Erdoğan's instructions, however, later, in his resignation letter he held only himself responsible for the decision. This attempt clearly aims to acquit Erdoğan of his part in the process. The main reason for the crisis caused by these incompetent and irresponsible approaches, which disregard public health and virtually spread the epidemic, is Erdoğan's administration, and his Ministry of the Interior, for following his instructions. The AKP government, which approaches the issue with an opportunistic manner and tries to turn Soylu's resignation into a political show, remains unable to hide its political failure.

The AKP government refuses to take any recommendation or proposal into consideration and rejects any offer to work in tandem with any section of society. It thinks of nothing other than its political future. Its incapacity has once again been revealed in the events surrounding Soylu's resignation. However, this also involves serious political responsibility and a crime committed in the presence of all. The government must account for this responsibility as a whole. This policy, which has played with public health, must also be placed on trial. 

HDP Central Executive Board
13 April 2020