The massacre in France is an outcome of the exploitation of religious belief

Press statement by our Central Executive Board:

It is with sadness that we have learned of the murder of three French citizens in front of a church in Nice, France. The methods used in these killings are those of ISIS.

First and foremost, we wish mercy on those who were killed in this brutal attack and extend our condolences to their families and to the people of France. The tense situation in France is not a clash of two religions, but a hate crime that is the result of religious-racist politics.

Let's stand against any practice by any government that turns the faith or values of the peoples of the world into instruments of their religious, racist and populist politics.

In the past, the whole world took a stand on the side of humanity in Northern and Eastern Syria against the barbarism that aimed to incite a conflict between the peoples of the region using ISIS-like methods. And today everyone should embrace that same attitude towards what is happening in France now. 

It is time to show that the peoples of the world are against both the methods of ISIS and the kind of exploitative politics that seeks to turn such methods into an opportunity.

We, as the HDP, call on all peoples and faiths to act together in common sense and peace, and to stand against this barbarism.

Peoples’ Democratic Party 
Central Executive Board
29 October 2020