We Salute Freedom on the Second Anniversary of Kobanê Victory!

It is with pride that we salute the powerful resistance the people of Kobanê and in particular women fighters put up on the second anniversary of the historic struggle the Kurdish people waged against ISIS which constitutes a threat to humanity as a whole in the canton of Kobanê in Rojava. The city and people of Kobanê that some claimed to be “on the verge of falling”, have now become majestic symbols of all resistance against fascism inspiring hope and spirit of struggle in all peoples of the world. 

In these days when we go through the most chaotic and bloody period our geography has witnessed since World War Two, we believe the great struggle the people of Kobanê gave against ISIS and the liberation of the city must be remembered over and over again. The Kobanê resistance is a most concrete example of the fact that what is said to be invincible can be defeated, that the walls of fear instilled in all hearts by savagery and fascism can be destroyed through a powerful resistance and struggle. The lasting imprint of this historic resistance on the conscience of the world public and the mobilization of international  solidarity to liberate the city have once again underlined the universality of the struggles given for freedom and democratic values. We believe that, peoples who, like in Kobanê,  standing up for freedom and democracy struggle with courage and conviction, shall overcome everywhere in the world. Hence, it is obvious that ISIS, Al Nusra, Ahrar’al Sham and all fascist and authoritarian rules which try to stifle the breath out of peoples in our country and in the Middle East will be eliminated from the scene of history through powerful struggles. 

We have full confidence that ISIS and similar organizations which continue to constitute a threat to the world will be defeated by peoples’ democratic forces with the Kurds coming in the forefront. We salute the people of Kobanê and all peoples around the world who resist oppression with the determination of the struggle we are waging for a world where freedom, peace, democracy and justice will prevail and fascist organizations and regimes will collapse one by one. 

Figen Yüksekdağ & Selahattin Demirtaş
Peoples’ Democratic Party Co-Chairs
November 1, 2016