Who is Alp Altınörs


Alp Altınörs was born to parents, both lawyers, from Trabzon in 1977. He studied at TED, a private school providing primary, elementary and high school education. When he started studying at Bilkent University, International Relations, in 1994, he became familiar with revolutionary thoughts by reading similar publications, so he decided to become a revolutionist. At first, many thought this was a phase of wealthy family's son, However, it became the first step of a life full of resistance.  

Altınörs, sharpening his revolutionary attitude in time, took active role in socialist youth movements. In July, 1995 he was arrested and spent 19 months in prison in Ankara. Prison was a theoretical and practical school for him. His education at university ended when he was arrested on his second year.

Altınörs, a student of Hüseyin Demircioğlu Academy- Demircioğlu died because of the hunger strike he went on- started working as an activist and a writer for Özgür Gençlik, Ceylan Publications and Teoride Doğrultu when he was released. He also worked as an editor for the newspaper Atılım. He dealt with theoric and political production problems.

Between the years 2008-2010, Altınörs took active role as founder, manager and teacher in Foundation of Research on Science, Aesthetics, Culture and Art, as well as, Marxist Sciences Academy.  He also took part in the foundation and publishing committee of the magazine Marxist Theory Marksist. As a writer, he gathered all his articles on http://alpaltinors.tumblr.com/ 

Altınörs, Vice President of Socialist Party of the Oppressed between 2010-2012, became the founding member of the Central Executive Committee of HDK, Peoples' Democratic Congress in 2011, HDP, Peoples' Democratic Party in 2012.

His second arrest was during the Gezi protests in 2013. He took part in the protests since day one and was exposed to police violence. He was hit in the head by a tear gas capsule, and later arrested. On his defense during the trial, he stated: I joined the Gezi protest. I'm proud of it.

As a revolutionist of Black Sea Region, Altınörs stood by the Kurds and all the oppressed.  He studied the revolutionary movements of Venezuela, Europa and Palestine, he informed the world on the socialist movements in Turkey and Kurdish movement. In 2010, he was one of the organizers of European Social Forum. 

He was intrigued by the social movements in Latin America and revolution in Venezuela. Inspired by those accomplishments, he learnt Spanish, and worked as a Spanish/English translator. 

He was a HDP MP Candidate for Samsun on June elections, he contributed to election campaign in Black Sea Region. 

Altınörs, current Vice Co-chair of HDP, is married with one child.