We Will Not Concede to the Trustee Coup on Municipalities

We Will Not Concede to the Trustee Coup on Municipalities

On the morning of Eid al-Adha Eve, the political administration has raided 28 municipalities, stating to have “seized power” through trustees, which is reminiscent of 12 September 1980 coup d’etat from 30 years ago.

There is no difference between the mentality  that bombards the Parliament, the elected public will and the mentality that storms into the municipalities shouting to have “seized power” in a usurpation of the local public will.

We reiterate that the regulation enabling assignments of trustees over municipalities, brought through Decree with the Power of Law, by the AKP administration and Erdoğan violates multiple Constitutional clauses, democratic international agreements signed by Turkey, including the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Charter of Local Self Government, the universal law and fundamental human rights.

Ignoring the voters’ will, rendering local administrators ineffective, this unlawful regulation is null and void for us.

The target of this trustee coup is the municipalities, local administration in Kurdish cities, elected through 65-95% vote rates. This unlawful arbitrary attitude will do nothing but intensify existing issues, causing the Kurdish issuse to become unresolvable to further degrees.

The people will claim their elected mayors and city councils. The people will not yield to this mentality that ignore their votes, usurp their will. The people will not concede to this unlawful regulation.

The government should immediately abandon this perilous step; they should quit trying to take advantage of the recent coup attempt on July 15th.

Peoples’ Democratic Party
Central Executive Board
11th September, 2016

List of provincial or district municipality heads that been replaced:

Batman – Beşiri
Batman – Gercüş
 Batman- Beşiri – İkiköprü
Adana – Pozantı
Ağrı – Diyadin
Diyarbakır – Silvan
Diyarbakır – Sur
Erzurum – Aşkale
Erzurum – Hınıs
Giresun – Çamoluk
Iğdır – Tuzluca
Iğdır- Merkez – Hoşhaber
Konya – Ilgın
Mardin – Dargeçit
Mardin – Derik
Mardin – Mazıdağı
Mardin – Nusaybin
Muş – Bulanık
Siirt – Eruh
Urfa – Suruç
Şırnak – Cizre
Şırnak – Silopi
Van – Edremit
Van – Erciş
Van – İpekyolu
Van – Özalp