Leyla Güven’s health condition is rapidly deteriorating

Leyla Güven’s health condition is rapidly deteriorating

The physical condition of Hakkari Deputy Leyla Güven, who started an indefinite hunger strike on 8 November 2018, has reached a life-threatening stage. 

Leyla Güven, who is on the 64th day of her hunger strike, has not been able to meet with her lawyers. According to the latest reports, Leyla Güven's pulse is between 55-60 and her blood pressure is 5-7. 

As a result of the hunger strike and its toll, Leyla Güven can no longer consume any liquids, including water. Although the visiting room for meetings with lawyers is close to her ward, she is not able to walk there to meet with her lawyers. 

Leyla Güven, who has lost about 10 kgs, cannot meet her needs or walk alone. The prison administration and the government are well aware of her state of health. Ms. Güven has started having problems such as aphasia, sensitivity to sound and light, blurring of consciousness.

Moreover, hunger strikes that started in prisons on 27 November 2018 in order to terminate the isolation imposed on İmralı are rapidly spreading. Prisoners are on the 45th day of their hunger strike. As of today, at least 171 political prisoners continue their indefinite hunger strike. Attacks against prisoners on hunger strike involve cell confinements and disciplinary punishments that worsen the situation in prisons.

Leyla Güven, who has been held hostage unlawfully, continues her protest decisively despite her serious health problems. Although the government officials are aware of the sensitivity of the developments, they have not taken any steps. The AKP government is responsible for all the negative consequences of the protest by Leyla Güven and other activists who continue the hunger strike in prisons.

The situation of Leyla Güven has reached a critical stage, a stage that cannot be delayed, ignored or neglected for even an hour. 

We call upon the people, the international community, the legal and human rights institutions, all civil society organizations and those who have a conscience, to urgently act and show their democratic reaction.

Ayşe Acar Başaran
HDP Spox for Legal Affairs Commission
Deputy for Batman
10 January 2019